• Restaurants

    Franschhoek is often and widely referred to as the Food & Wine Capital of South Africa, and its many restaurants work hard every day to keep up that reputation. There are over 80 restaurants in Franschoek, serving a wide variety of cuisines and styles – from casual eateries along the main road to award-winning gourmet experiences at the many wine estates in and around Franschhoek

    Wine Estates

    There are over 40 wine estates in and around Franschhoek, all of which produce award-winning white and red wines, and some of which offer truly special destinations and experiences to visitors

    1. Special Features

    2. Centrally located
    3. Privacy, tranquility, and exclusivity
    4. Big swimming pool
    5. Stunning views and sunsets
    6. Warm, personal hospitality
    7. A place for all seasons
    8. Frequently asked questions
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